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Carbon neutral Alps = good living

Sonthofen, 20.9.2012

(c) Stadt Sonthofen

The aim of the Workshop, held on 20 September 2012 in Sonthofen, Germany, is to develop, evaluate and discuss the factors that make climate protection measures successful. In addition, examples from the Alpstar collection were presented to three themed working groups in which successes and obstacles had been discussed. Politicians and administrators then worked together on a recipe for good climate policies. Finally, the success criteria that are most important to participants were compared with the Guideline for decision-makers as written by the Alpstar project partners. Participants were looking not just at the Alps, but also at other mountain areas, with inputs from the Convent of Mayors. 

> Program

> Results

> Alpstar Guideline

>Video Alpstar

Gap Chambéry Brig-Glis Sondrio Sonthofen Herisau Trento Bolzano Bad Reichenhall Bad Aussee Belluno Villach Maribor Annecy Idrija Lecco Tolmin Tolmezzo Chamonix karte_alpen.png





> Final publication

> Newsletter N. 6 (english, italian)

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